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Do you have an idea for a piece of custom built wood project and want it built?  ​Whether it is a bookcase, a mantel, or table, we can build it for you. 

Custom built in bookcases make storing your books an integral part of your home, and you can choose the materials, shelves, and style that best suit your living space.  Or that entertainment center for a certain part of your house.  You have the idea and we can help bring that idea to life.  Our artisans can help you with the design of your custom build to meet your specifications. 

Looking for that impossible-to-find, "perfect" table or bookcase? That end-table for that hard to fit corner of the room?  Faced with a challenging interior that demands special sizes and materials? We can help!


Many clients simply can't find what they want in their local furniture design showrooms. Some clients require new furniture designs to blend with their existing furnishings. Some have specific size and/or material requirements. Many clients just desire a more superior product than what is offered locally, and still others want something truly original.


Let us help you make those dreams of the perfect piece come true.  You don't have to to have a design degree to give us an idea of what you want.  Have something scribbled on a piece of paper, or a concept in your head?  Work with our artisans to help it become real. 


Your piece of custom furniture will be handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept, we can custom fabricate the ideal furniture design for your next upcoming project.

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